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The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fencing

While the type of fencing material that you get may not seem all that important, it has a huge impact on both the appearance and utility of your fence. After all, when making this decision you’ll want to consider more than simple aesthetics. Our last post covered the pros and cons of chain link, so now we’ll move onto vinyl to help you come to an informed decision. Here is Fence Center’s list of things you need to know about vinyl:


1.  Long-lasting – Probably the biggest reason so many people opt for vinyl fencing is because it’s a durable, long lasting material. When most people build a fence, they consider it a major home improvement project and they don’t want to have to repeat the work or expense a few years down the line. Vinyl fencing stands up well to the elements and exhibits little wear and tear compared to wood, never splintering or rotting.

2.  Never repaint – Similarly, a major advantage of vinyl fencing is that unless something damages your fence, you will never have to paint it. Where wood needs to be sealed and routinely repainted or refinished, vinyl will continue to keep its color and tone for many years.

3.  Large range of decorative stylesVinyl fencing has come a long way and is now available in more styles than ever. This includes different “grains,” colors, and fencing shapes, plus a variety of decorative tops for the fence posts. No matter what you’re envisioning for your fence line in your head, chances are good that you’ll find a style to match it in vinyl fencing.

Image of vinyl fencing post cap.

One of our unique post caps.

4.  Easy to clean – There is probably no material easier to clean than vinyl. If your fence gets dirty, whether it’s from bird droppings of mud being splashed up from the garden by rainfall, you can simply turn a hose or pressure washer on it and blast the grime off. Dirt has a hard time keeping its purchase (even on textured vinyl) because on a micro level, the vinyl surface is incredibly smooth and not porous like wood.


1.  Higher initial cost – Some homeowners are turned off by the upfront cost of vinyl fencing. Although the durability, long life span, and lack of need to repaint all mean that vinyl is typically a cost saver long-term, the fact is that it costs a bit more than wood or chain link to install at the outset. This is a tradeoff you have to consider.

2.  Installation and replacement – Installation of vinyl fencing requires a bit of skill and experience, plus crimping tools that not all homeowners have. It’s not as intuitive as constructing a wooden fence. If something does manage to damage your vinyl fence, such as an impact or extreme weather conditions, you will have to patch the crack or even replace a segment of the fence.

Do you have vinyl fencing? What do you like about it?

When deciding on a fencing type, consider the many advantages of vinyl. With picket styles to match any wood and the durability that wood lacks, vinyl is a smart choice that will definitely pay off in the long run. Peruse our many vinyl options at Fence Center today!

Why Should You Go Vinyl/PVC over Wood with Your Next Fence?

vinyl fence image

A fence is a fantastic investment for your home. Not only can it provide added security for children and pets as well as privacy, but it can add value to your home if you ever wish to sell it. However, a question you’ll need to determine pretty much right away is what kind of fence you want.  While wood is often the traditional material people think of when considering a fence, a growing number of people are looking for a more dependable option. Many are looking into vinyl – or as others know it, PVC. Here’s why:

It’s more dependable than wood: If you want a fence that can stand the test of time, you won’t find it with wood. Unfortunately, wood does not last very long, and a wood fence will last anywhere from 5-7 years before you’ll notice some major deterioration. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, will last 50 years or more. While wood might be cheaper in the short term, vinyl fence panels will be much cheaper in the long run.

You don’t have to worry about dry rot: One of the major reasons for the need to replace a wooden fence is dry rot and other fungal issues. Dry rot spreads quickly, and if you’re not vigilant to protect against it, it will quickly destroy your fence. This is not a concern if you have a vinyl fence.

It is approved by Tom Sawyer: The titular character of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was not a fan of painting fences, but in all honesty, who really is? In addition to periodic maintenance, owners of a wooden fence will certainly have to pull out the paint brush every year or two to take care of the wear and tear it receives from the weather as well as human actions. Vinyl fences do not require a paint job ever. Think how differently the book would have been if Aunt Polly purchased a vinyl fence.

It can better withstand fire: An open flame and a piece of wood do not belong together. Wood is highly flammable, and a wooden fence that catches fire can put your home and family’s safety at risk. Vinyl, on the other hand, is very fire-resistant and even endorsed by the National Fire Protection Association for wire insulation.

For more information on vinyl fences or to receive a quote, contact a Fence Center representative today! Call 1-888-336-2358 or find all of our customer service information here.

Fall Home Improvement Project – Build A Fence!

A recent Zillow® survey shows that 52% of homeowners are planning home improvement projects this Fall. With the fall months approaching and the weather turning a little cooler, it’s the perfect time to get some home projects done before winter comes. In addition, many home improvement companies are looking to unload product to prepare for the new season, so it’s possible to get fantastic deals for your home improvement project.

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image of a fence and fall foliage
Looking to get the most bang for your time and money? One of the best ways to improve the security of your home and increase its value is through constructing a new fence. Constructing a fence is minimally invasive, can easily be done by you and a few friends, and won’t cost as much as other bigger projects. However, one of the things you’ll need to consider is what type of fence you want.

Here are some of the more popular fence materials you can choose from:

Vinyl Fencing

vinyl fence imageIf you’re looking for an alternative to wood fencing that will last much longer and not be subject to rotting and other concerns, vinyl fencing might be a viable option. Although it can be a little on the expensive side, a vinyl fence will last you a very long time, more than making up for the costs. In addition, vinyl provides excellent security and privacy if you’re leery of nosy neighbors.

Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fence imageAluminum fences are generally less expensive than vinyl and can add aesthetic value to your home as well. Homeowners often choose aluminum fences for their ornate designs and patterns. However, aluminum fences also provide great security as well. If you’re looking for a more ornamental face that still has pretty good durability, an aluminum fence might be best for your home.

Chain Link Fencing

image of black chain link fence gateA chain link fence is never going to win a beauty contest, but if you’re in need of a fence that will demarcate boundaries and provide security, you can’t go wrong with a chain link fence. If you’re hesitant to cover all of your boundaries with a chain link fence, a good idea might be to use steel or aluminum ornamental facing for the visible boundaries and chain-link for the less visible areas. Chain-link also is by far the cheapest material, which could be beneficial if you’re on a budget.

No matter what type of material you choose, you won’t find better prices than you will when you shop at Fence Center. Contact a representative today to learn more about the best option for your home.

Stay tuned to our blog for more fence tips and information. As always, we’re happy to answer ANY questions you might have about DIY fence projects, fence repair or fence maintenance. Leave a comment here, call us toll free 1-888-336-2358 or find all of our customer service information here.