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4 Things to Consider When Installing a Fence

black fencePutting a fence up around your property can provide you with numerous benefits you can enjoy year after year, but there are some considerations that you must keep in mind before you install it. Will it match the exterior elements of your home? Will your homeowners association approve the fence? Are you fencing in the entire property or just a portion? There are several other questions to ask yourself before you start digging for the post so check out these four things to consider when installing a fence.

1. Know What You Want

One of the first things that property owners should know is why they want a fence. Perhaps you want an area designated in your yard for your dog? Or do you want to beef up the security around your home? Chances are your wishes are very diverse but can complement each other and serve double duty. Whatever the purpose, a fence can provide you with many functions, but the first step is choosing the main reason for it before you make the investment.

2. Fence Material

Fences can be constructed with a variety of materials from wood to vinyl to aluminum and deciding which material works best for you can be challenging. If you are looking to add elegance to your property, consider an aluminum fence because it’s an economical alternative compared to wrought iron fences and is rust-free. Those on a budget can benefit from aluminum fencing because it’s long-lasting and maintains its’ beauty. Vinyl fencing can give you more privacy than other materials because the slats can be snug against each other in each panel. Wooden fencing can give you that white-picket-fence look if that’s what you desire. Either way, fences come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so your options are nearly limitless!

3. Map It Out

Installing a fence takes some thinking, and mapping out where your fence will be around your property can give you more precise estimates on the cost and a visual to imagine its placement. Be sure to locate the best spot to place a gate and if you are installing a fence in the backyard, keep your lawn equipment in mind. Perhaps you have a riding lawnmower – you want a large or double-sized gate to provide access for the mower to move around the property.

4. Research  

Like mentioned above, some homeowner associations may require you to follow certain guidelines when installing a fence. This may also be the case in certain cities and neighborhoods, so be sure you check out any information about installing a fence. Additionally, if you have a pool, you will need to install a fence that meets your local BOCA (The Building Officials and Code Administrators) standards. To take the guess work out, aluminum fences from Fence Center meet BOCA codes!

Have a fence question? We would love to help! Feel free to contact us here or call 888-336-2358.


4 Ways to Spruce up a Chain Link Fence

chainChain link fences make great additions to your home. They are cost efficient, safe, and allow you to have a sense of privacy and security around your property. These fences are especially beneficial for families with dogs and young children that may like to spend some time outdoors. However, they do have one minor disadvantage: they can be a little more challenging to decorate compared with picket fences or other wooden styles. Metal chain link fences cannot simply be painted over to match the color scheme of your home (though we do offer some color options to help you match!). That doesn’t mean they can’t be improved at all, though – it just calls for a little bit more creativity. Here are 3 ways to spruce up a chain link fence:

  1. Decorate it with plastic cups. It is easy to decorate your chain link fence with plastic cups; you can paint them and place them directly into the holes of your fence. Find an interesting pattern you’d like to recreate online or arrange them to make a certain slogan or phrase. This is an especially good way to celebrate birthdays, sporting events, milestones, and other fun get-togethers. Check out Pinterest for different ideas and patterns to use.
  2. Grow plants through the fence or lining it. Do you have a green thumb? If so, it’s time to combine your gardening and craft skills and apply them to your fence. Place some of your favorite plants along your fence and allow them to grow through it. As they begin to get tall, you can weave the vines right into your fence for a rustic look. This idea works especially well for vines like ivy or jasmine. Another option is to line the fence with decorative trees, shrubs, and flowers. Try planting Green Giant Thujas or Italian Cypresses and then placing a narrow bed of flowers in front of them.
  3. Weave it. Flowers and vines aren’t the only items you can weave your chain link fence with. If you’re not much of a gardener but enjoy the weaving idea, try using bamboo or even just colorful strips of paper through your fence. This is a great way to make your fence stand out a bit more and appear more attractive.The bamboo will help to create a cool earthy vibe for your fence, while colorful paper will create a more fun and bohemian feel. Try both to see which one you like better.
  4. Add Privacy Slats. Privacy slats can be woven into either the top or bottom of your chain link fence. Their primary purpose is to offer more privacy and security to your home, however, they offer many cosmetic benefits as well. For example, you can choose from a white, beige, blue, brown, green, black or redwood fence. You can also do a reed or bamboo fence to create a unique earthy or bohemian feel to for your yard. Fence inserts are also available. There is no shortage of creative options available through the use of our privacy slats.

Chain link fences don’t have to be boring. While they are mainly known for being functional and providing safety, security, and privacy to your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have fun with them. These unique tips will allow you to indulge in your creative side and have a bit of fun with your fence. You can even change it up every few weeks or months. With the right designs, your fence will be the talk of the town!

Why 2014 Is the Year of Home Improvement

shutterstock_155147648 (1)

As we say goodbye to 2013, there will invariably be an endless number of lists and trends articles that aim to predict what the New Year will be like. Well here is one more, but we promise there is some merit to this one as it deals with how you can add value to your home.  For many of us, the Great Recession a few years back destroyed the value of our homes.  Home repair projects to add value were obsolete as there wasn’t much of a market for sellers to begin with. Luckily, home values are rising – double digit percentages in many markets, and those home improvement projects are much more worthwhile today.

But where is this money being spent? Surprisingly, it’s not where you would think. Rather than spending a small fortune for an addition to a house or a complete bathroom/kitchen remodel, homeowners are turning their heads outdoors. Creating a nice outdoor living space will provide years of enjoyment or the perfect invitation for potential buyers to make an offer on your home. Here are some things you should consider including:

Get a new fence:  A fence is multi-functional structure that should be a part of any outdoor living space. A fence creates boundary lines, enables privacy from onlookers and provides security. It could also be an aesthetic addition to your backyard if you purchase a good one. What’s more, installing a fence has never been easier. If you are looking for a quick way to add value to your home and provide the foundation for a quality outdoor living space, a fence is an easy way to go about it.

Add elements that increase socializing: A number of money spent this year on home improvement will be devoted to space that can be shared for parties and get-togethers of any size.  Some of the more common things could include an outdoor grilling station, fire pit, newly paved patio or just an investment in quality outdoor furniture. On top of the social benefits, these elements can make your home stand out in the marketplace.

Invest in Landscaping Efforts: Although not anyone will admit it, many of us do judge a book by its cover.  Therefore, quality landscaping in place will go a long way in getting potential buyers to have a favorable outlook of your home before they even step inside.  Unless you have a green thumb, opt for professional services. You’ll be amazed by the ROI you’ll get.

If you’re looking for inexpensive fencing materials for the New Year, be sure to visit the Fence Center website. In addition to our already low prices, we have extended our clearance sale into January. Contact us today to learn more.

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