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Get a Great Deal this Christmas on Fence Materials without Standing in Line


There’s no question that Black Friday has become a holiday in its own right. Minutes after the final piece of turkey is eaten and the final seconds of the final NFL game click down to 0, people scurry to their cars to stand in line at the mall or some Big Box department store. Many of those who don’t do this will invariably spend some money on Cyber Monday because all they have to do is open their browser. This is the time of year for crazy amounts of shopping.

And why do people do this? Many will say because they need to get Christmas gifts for their family (which is true for some), but a growing number of people are just standing in line in the cold, racing to find parking spots in crowded lots, and fighting over the last 75 inch plasma to get stuff for themselves. That’s because Black Friday sales offer significant discounts to encourage people to come in their stores.

At Fence Center, we have no problem with saving a little money. In fact, we encourage it. That’s how we got started in the first place. We saw the potential for an online fencing materials company that could offer the lowest prices because there wouldn’t be the overhead that there is in a brick and mortar store. At Fence Center, you will find the lowest prices on fence materials.

And because 2013 is coming to an end, you’ll find deep discounts on many fencing materials in our Clearance Section as we make room for next year’s inventory. Although the weather might be a little cold to start a project now for many, it’s never too cold – or too early for that matter – to get your fencing materials. Why not get those materials at a deep discount? Here are some other advantages of shopping with us:

  • Convenience: There is a big problem with going out on Black Friday: You’re out on Black Friday. You’ll have to deal with cold weather, heavy traffic, crowds of unfriendly people and simply utter chaos. When you shop with Fence Center, you can shop anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Estimation Software: Use our Fence Estimator before you make your purchase to get an understanding of the type of fence and measurements you need. This way, you don’t have to make a blind purchase.
  • Quality Customer Service: If there’s one thing we’re proud of besides our low prices, it’s our quality customer service. We want our customers to be 100% happy with their purpose.

Stay in this Black Friday and shop for fencing materials with us. That way you’ll have plenty of time to spend time with your family and friends and do the things that the holidays are really about. And if you would really like to save on our latest selections, you can find big deals here in our Fall Clearance sale

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Buying Your Fence from the Comfort of your Own Home

There’s no question that buying a fence can be intimidating at first glance. You have to figure out the type of fence, get your measurements right and go over neighborhood statutes and community zoning laws. You’ll also need to find a place that will sell you your fence at a price that won’t break your budget. It can be downright nerve-wracking if you’re not too careful.

In response to these concerns, one trend that has emerged is the increased acceptance of purchasing fence materials online. This is the very reason Fence Center was founded. As more and more people use the internet to pay their bills and complete other errands in their lives, we saw an opportunity to expand this pervasive use of the internet into home improvement.

Here are just some of the advantages you’ll find when shopping online for your fence:

You won’t have to worry about getting ready: Depending on where you live, going to your home improvement store can be a hassle. You have to deal with driving there, finding a parking spot and trying to navigate the warehouse-like setup.  And that’s if you only go to one. More likely, you’ll want to go to several to make sure you’re getting good value. Rather than deal with all of these things, shopping online allows you to shop anywhere you have an internet connection.

You can shop when you want: We all live busy lives. Making time to shop for a fence can be very inconvenient. That’s probably why hardware stores are as busy on Saturdays as they are usually the only day in the week where shopping is possible. Having the opportunity to shop online puts the power back into the consumers’ hands to shop on their own schedule.

You can get great prices: Because you’re shopping online, you’ll often find better prices than you would at a traditional brick and mortar store. That’s because there’s less overhead.  When you shop at Fence Center for bamboo fencing or whatever fence you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you won’t find fencing materials cheaper anywhere else.

Delivery Right to your Door: When you shop online, your order comes to you.The only thing you need to do is wait. When you purchase fencing materials from the store, you’ll most likely be responsible for bringing those materials home. This could take several trips with your truck or the help of some very generous friends.

You can get an estimate right away: Our Fence Estimator program allows customers to get an estimate on their plan right away. You can pick the material and the type of fence, which will then provide you with many different choices. From there, you’ll have the opportunity to draw the fence, indicate the number of gates you need and select your fence attributes to get your estimate immediately.

Still not sure if you should buy a fence online? Give us a call: 1-888-336-2358. 

Securing Your Home with a Fence and Other Measures

One of the biggest reasons people shop at Fence Center is to provide a
viable and affordable way to secure their homes.  Although burglaries are down from the 1970s
when 110 homes out of
1,000 were burglarized in some fashion
, home burglaries are still a threat that you
must consider to your family’s holdings. In 2012, the average amount of goods
stolen per burglary equated to $1,675. In such a tight economy, this could be a
devastating amount of money. However, there are ways to secure your home to
deter burglars from entering it. Here are several musts.

·         Install a fence: We might be biased with this one because we sell them, but a fence is a great first step in securing your home. A fence not only acts as a physical barrier that forces a burglar to climb over it in order to access your home; they also limit visibility. A vinyl fence prevents the burglar from seeing what‘s on the other side. By not knowing, the burglar is less likely to take a chance.

·        Get a guard dog: Did you know that 63% of all burglaries take place between the hours of 8AM-6 PM – the hours most people are at work. Buying or adopting a dependable guard dog will let the burglar know that there is a presence at your home, even if you aren’t there. No burglar wants to bring attention to themselves due to a barking dog. Plus, a dog is a welcome, loyal addition to any family.

·        Be mindful of your doors: Close to a third of all home burglars go through  the front door. To combat this, make sure to invest in steel reinforcement or a very good deadbolt as a regular lock won’t be enough.  And remember to check your doors before you leave to make sure you remembered to lock them.

How to be a Good Neighbor when constructing a Fence.


Now that it’s May and flowers are in full bloom, you might be tempted to take care of some projects that you put by the wayside all winter. One of those projects that will certainly add value to your home as well as protect your pets and children is constructing a fence. Before you even start thinking about the type of fence, however, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to maintain good relations with your neighbor and town.  We’ve all heard the phrase from Frost, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Well proper manners and consideration make happy neighbors as well. Here are some things to consider:

 Talk to your neighbor: Yes, it might be your property, but it’s always a good idea to talk with your neighbors before constructing a fence. If you have an eyesore of a fence constructed, don’t expect to be invited to many block parties. It’s just good manners as you would want them to talk to you about it too.

 Review your local building code: Every town is different when it comes to height restrictions and easements, so it’s a good idea to know of these before you construct the fence. If you construct a fence that is too high and your neighbor reports you, you might have to take it down.

 Make sure your property lines are correct: One of the biggest reasons people purchase and build fences is to set up property demarcations. However, in order to set up property demarcations, you need the right property lines. Otherwise, your neighbor might think you’re trying to invade his property, or at the very least, ask you to move your fence back.