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How to be a Good Neighbor when constructing a Fence.


Now that it’s May and flowers are in full bloom, you might be tempted to take care of some projects that you put by the wayside all winter. One of those projects that will certainly add value to your home as well as protect your pets and children is constructing a fence. Before you even start thinking about the type of fence, however, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to maintain good relations with your neighbor and town.  We’ve all heard the phrase from Frost, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Well proper manners and consideration make happy neighbors as well. Here are some things to consider:

 Talk to your neighbor: Yes, it might be your property, but it’s always a good idea to talk with your neighbors before constructing a fence. If you have an eyesore of a fence constructed, don’t expect to be invited to many block parties. It’s just good manners as you would want them to talk to you about it too.

 Review your local building code: Every town is different when it comes to height restrictions and easements, so it’s a good idea to know of these before you construct the fence. If you construct a fence that is too high and your neighbor reports you, you might have to take it down.

 Make sure your property lines are correct: One of the biggest reasons people purchase and build fences is to set up property demarcations. However, in order to set up property demarcations, you need the right property lines. Otherwise, your neighbor might think you’re trying to invade his property, or at the very least, ask you to move your fence back.