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The History Of Bamboo

bamboo (2)Bamboo is synonymous for its unmistakable look, Asian flair and high strength qualities, but do you know about its’ history and origins? Bamboo was first recorded in use about 5000 years ago in ancient China where it was often used to build tree houses. Dating back to the Han Dynasty in 206 to 221 B.C., bamboo was used to make paper and books while fast-forwarding to the Ming Dynasty (1386 to 1644), it was used for bedding and flooring. Bamboo has been put to use in a variety of ways and even has some practicality in Chinese medicine and cuisine.

Environmentally Sustainable

Wherever you come across bamboo, it’s becoming a part of our lives more than you may think because there is a bamboo alternative in almost every industry from clothing to dishware to furniture. This versatile plant is technically considered a type of grass yet it has more strength and integrity than wood and even some steel alloys. It has a higher compressive strength than brick and concrete, too. Interestingly enough, bamboo grows faster than any other kind of wood plant in the world, making it one of the most sustainable plant species around. Certain species of the plant can grow up to 35 inches in a matter of 24 hours! Generally speaking, the plant can reach maturity in five years while some popular hardwoods can take up to 120 years to reach maturity.

Everyday Use

It’s a given that bamboo is becoming more popular, as it has great eco-sustainability, which is why so many products are now made with the plant. Take for instance the Japanese martial art of kendo, bamboo is used to craft arrows, bows and swords for the practice. You may also find it in musical instruments such as panpipes and flutes in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. A very trendy use the woody plant is used to construct bamboo fence rolls – this type of fencing material typically last longer and weathers better than traditional wood fences and is naturally termite resistant. Additionally, in 1979, a group formed the American Bamboo Society where it provides general information about the plant, research support for new species and more.

It’s quite obvious that bamboo has made its’ way around the world with many different uses. From bamboo fence rolls to bamboo wine to bamboo furniture, this versatile plant serves useful in a number of ways. Whether you are fencing in your property or are trying an exotic wine, bamboo is becoming more mainstream everyday!

Decorating Your Pool Area in Style

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. With the warm weather starting to roll in, it is time to start thinking about pool days! If you live in a home that has a pool and love entertaining guests, you should consider new ideas for how to decorate the area. Here are some great suggestions from Fence Center for accentuating the space:

1.  Accent the Pool – You can give an exotic, tropical or east-Asian look to your pool area by simply using the fencing and enhancing it with the appropriate accents. For instance, pagoda-shaped path lighting and the careful placement of a Japanese maple could give your pool area the air of a true Japanese garden. There are several types of bamboo fencing to choose from for this or other looks, so take the time to consider your options. In addition, a bamboo fence is often stronger and longer-lasting than many other natural options, so you’ll get many years of use out of it.

2.  Select outdoor furniture that will fit nicely around the pool – Don’t overcrowd the area and don’t pick out too many pieces. Arrange the furniture so that you can move around easily. Make sure to place the reclining chairs in the sun for sunbathing.

3.  Purchase an outdoor table set with an umbrella – Set up a barbecue grill near the seating area for cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers. If you are going to choose chairs with cushions, make sure they are waterproof for when it rains. Consider buying a weatherproof chest or box that you can put the cushions in, if the cushions you fall in love with aren’t made to withstand the weather.

4.  Decorate your pool deck with tropical-themed decorations – Put flowers and plants in colorful vibrant pots in different areas around the pool. Consider planting flowers around the fence, as well. You could even buy a fake palm tree to place in one of the corners of the pool deck.

5.  For nighttime entertaining, place a few tiki torches around the perimeter of the pool – You could also string lights along the fence for additional illumination or hang globe lights or Chinese paper lanterns for parties. Put a few glass lanterns around on tables or buy colorful candles – and don’t forget the citronella, since the bugs love pools! Purchase an outdoor fire pit for cooler summer nights. You can opt for anything from a simple round, stainless steel fire pit to an elaborate chiminea in stone or terra cotta.


Not only does a swimming pool increase the value of your house, it also provides an entirely different section of the home to congregate with family and friends. Once you’re done decorating, all that is left to do is to sit back, relax, and soak up some sun!