Securing Your Home with a Fence and Other Measures

One of the biggest reasons people shop at Fence Center is to provide a
viable and affordable way to secure their homes.  Although burglaries are down from the 1970s
when 110 homes out of
1,000 were burglarized in some fashion
, home burglaries are still a threat that you
must consider to your family’s holdings. In 2012, the average amount of goods
stolen per burglary equated to $1,675. In such a tight economy, this could be a
devastating amount of money. However, there are ways to secure your home to
deter burglars from entering it. Here are several musts.

·         Install a fence: We might be biased with this one because we sell them, but a fence is a great first step in securing your home. A fence not only acts as a physical barrier that forces a burglar to climb over it in order to access your home; they also limit visibility. A vinyl fence prevents the burglar from seeing what‘s on the other side. By not knowing, the burglar is less likely to take a chance.

·        Get a guard dog: Did you know that 63% of all burglaries take place between the hours of 8AM-6 PM – the hours most people are at work. Buying or adopting a dependable guard dog will let the burglar know that there is a presence at your home, even if you aren’t there. No burglar wants to bring attention to themselves due to a barking dog. Plus, a dog is a welcome, loyal addition to any family.

·        Be mindful of your doors: Close to a third of all home burglars go through  the front door. To combat this, make sure to invest in steel reinforcement or a very good deadbolt as a regular lock won’t be enough.  And remember to check your doors before you leave to make sure you remembered to lock them.