Keep Your Garden’s Food to Yourself: How to Keep Animals Out

We’re heading into the season many of us have been waiting for after such a long, cold winter. Spring! Most places are starting to thaw out, the sun is making an appearance more often, and some of us are starting to open our doors and windows again, if just to get some fresh air.


Many will begin to plan out their gardens soon, including some first-timers. However, don’t forget to plan for the security of your garden. Think about how disheartening it would be to get excited about your bounty, see it start to pop up, and then seeing it disappear overnight. The lucky ones will catch the culprits in action as the ground animals sneak up to get some lunch.


Here are a few different ways you can keep your garden animal-free:


Human hair

You can start by spreading out some human hair around the end of the garden. This tactic is especially useful for deer, which makes sense when you think about it. Deer run away from the smell of humans, and the hair has enough scent that the deer won’t touch it. The next time you get a haircut, take a few bags along with you and ask your salon if you can take some hair home. If they look at you funny, promise them some tomatoes!


Red Hot Pepper

This one sounds a little silly, but it’s a totally effective, natural way to keep many types of animals from bothering your crop. Go to the grocery store and buy a large container of cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it around the vegetable plants. When the animals approach them, the smell will sting and they’ll run away. If they get around to nibbling, they’ll get some pepper and that’ll stop them pretty quickly.


A fence

Of course, if you really want to secure the garden well, you can always put a fence around it. The red pepper will help with the small animals, but the fence will definitely keep the big ones out. Chain link is a good option because you can usually install doors easily and it’s also reasonably priced. You can even get your chain link fence supplies online at Fence Center and avoid the trip to the hardware store.


Don’t fret about animals as you start your garden, but don’t forget about them either! Using these simple tips will go a long way to ensuring your hard work will pay off all season, allowing you to enjoy the literal fruit of your labor.