How to Use the New and Improved Fence Estimator

One of the main reasons our customers make the decision to buy their fence online is because of convenience. The ability to pick and purchase a fence online certainly has its benefits. However, these benefits are only realized if you have the tools to make an informed decision.

This is where the Fence Estimator comes in. The Fence Estimator is our interactive fence cost estimator, which allows you to virtually construct the fence of your choice to get a quote. Recently, to meet our customers’ needs, we made a few little tweaks. Here are some things you find with the new and improved Fence Estimator.

Step 1: Build the Fence

The first step in using the Fence Estimator is building the fence. To begin, you will be asked to choose the type of fence and the materials you want to use. Once you do this, the fun can begin.

Image of fence cost estimator tutorial.

With the Fence Estimator, you can recreate your backyard with the new fence in mind. Although it might take a few minutes to get the hang of it, we hope that you’ll find it to be the easiest way to get an accurate quote on your fencing project. Here are several tips to get you started.

  • To begin, drag the end posts to create the corners of your property.
  • Click the gate icon and click on the areas where you want to have gates on your fence.
  • Now it’s time to build the fence. Click on the fence icon. You should now see the fence icon on the posts now. Click one and drag it to another post to connect the two. Repeat until you have a complete fence. Click on the counters in the red fence lines to enter your linear footage.
  • We’ve included pool icons, shrubbery and patio icons, so you can recreate your backyard to give you a better sense of what the property will look like. Please feel free to use them.

Step 2: Choose Options & Accessories

Once you complete your fence building, you will see your Build Subtotal at the bottom of the screen. Now it’s time to choose your options and accessories. Here you will enter your fence height and other options to customize your fence. When you’re done, click the Get Quote button.

Step 3: Get Quote

It’s time to get your quote. All you need to do now is fill in your contact information, and you are done. You can view the PDF of your quote online, have it emailed to you, or have a customer representative contact you with more information about your fencing project.

That’s it. Easy, isn’t it? We hope this guide helps you as you use the Fence Estimator to construct the perfect fence for your property. For more information about our fencing materials and process, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at 888-336-2358.