How to Make Your Backyard a Retreat

backyard retreat shutterstock_200092415With spring just around the corner, many of us are itching to spend more time outdoors and one way to make the outdoors a little better is revamping your backyard and turning it into the ultimate oasis. Imagine having extra outside living space where friends and family can gather for a relaxing time outback. With a little planning and prepping, you can be on your way at designing a gorgeous backyard retreat for you to enjoy year after year! Here are some tips to plan and prepare for a picture perfect backyard.

1. Serene and Inviting Elements

When you take a look at your backyard, you want to see a very inviting area that is complemented by serene touches. Consider the construction of a deck or patio because you will want an outdoor extension off your back door. The patio or deck can be the ideal spot for seating, a barbeque grill and even some flower boxes. Line some comfortable benches along the perimeter of the patio or deck for additional seating and consider a fire pit for extra warmth at night and the option of roasting marshmallows.

2. Lush Landscape

A backyard won’t be complete until you get your hands a little dirty. Strategically place bushes, flowers and trees in your yard to add visual appeal. Choose plants that best suit where you live so they can thrive all year round. Place mulch around the plants and create a barrier between grass and mulch with pavers or river rock. Don’t forget to seed and feed your lawn to have the greenest grass around and install sprinklers to make maintenance a breeze.

3. Add Privacy Fencing

While you may be best friends with your neighbors, adding privacy fence around your backyard can truly create that oasis/retreat feel because sometimes you might want to enjoy your backyard alone. There are various fencing options you can choose from that include vinyl, wood, aluminum and so much more – so select a style that fits your taste and complements your homes’ exterior. However, don’t forget to install aluminum fence gates so you can have more than one point-of-entry into the backyard.

4. Water Feature

small water fall shutterstock_498204Nothing is more soothing than listening to the sounds of moving water and you can get that by adding a water element to your backyard. Create a self-contained waterfall with river rocks and greenery for a natural look. Take the design a step further by incorporating a mini koi pond for live fish that are easy to care for.

Creating a backyard retreat takes some creativity and time to plan but the final product will be pleasing and well worth the effort. Don’t forget to add lighting around your yard for nighttime enjoyment and as an eco-friendly option, check out solar powered lights!