How to Create a Tropical Retreat in Your Own Backyard

For many, spending time in the tropics is a dream. The sea, the sand, the drinks, the relaxation, the palm trees — they all give us the break and relaxation that we need. But it’s so expensive to plan and take a trip to the tropics that most of us just don’t bother.  


The good news is that it isn’t expensive to create our own tropical paradise at home. Better yet, you can enjoy it for more than a week! If you have a deck or patio or are looking to build one, take a look at these suggestions to bring the tropics to you.


Start with the greenery

There are a whole host of tropical plants at your local hardware and gardening stores that would go a long way to giving your outdoor sanctuary a tropical feel. Though, there are a limited number of palm tree varieties that can withstand a northern climate, find the ones that can and take good care of them — you’ll have the biggest part of your summer garden all set up.


Bromeliads are a colorful and easy-to-care-for plant, which will enhance your space both indoors and out. They can easily be placed in decorative pots during the summer season and brought inside when it starts to turn cold.



Some other great plants to invest in include calla lilies, bird-of-paradise, elephant ears, hibiscus, trumpet flowers, yucca, and anthurium.


Try some decorations

Two very popular decorations to consider include inexpensive fountains and tiki torches. Fountains are relaxing additions to a garden, and will create the illusion of being close to a tropical spring or small stream. Tiki torches have a very distinctive Polynesian feel and will help reinforce the ambiance you are looking for, especially at night. As a bonus, you can fill them with citronella oil to keep mosquitos away.


Fence it in

Once you have your tropical getaway set up, you’ll want to enclose it so that the outside world doesn’t intrude to break your fantasy. And what’s more tropical than bamboo? At a place like Fence Center, you can purchase distinctive bamboo fencing to put around your deck or patio. It’s incredibly sturdy and easy to install. Not only will it keep people from seeing inside, but it will provide the perfect way to ensure the sanctity of your tropical paradise.


Taking a vacation every evening when you get home from work is easy when your favorite vacation spot is literally in your own backyard. Do some Google image searches for more ideas. Almost everything you’d want inside of your bamboo fence will be at your local home store. Enjoy the summer!