5 Reasons You Need to Finish Your Fence NOW!

You know exactly what you want your fence to look like, and you’ve already checked out the fences for sale. But you’re not quite ready to start yet, right? It’s still early and you have all summer to build your fence. But think again – summer is the time when most of your social interactions will happen. All the barbeques, going out, weekend getaways, weddings etc. will have you continually putting the project off. After all, why do work when you can head to the beach? And these things are just the beginning! Fence Center is providing these five reasons that you should put your fence up now:

  • It feels good to get it out of the way – It may sound clichéd, but it’s better to get a big project done early rather than let it hang over your head. Fencing is no different; if you let it go, not only will you probably be nagged all summer (by yourself and/or your spouse), but it will just become a bigger and bigger hurdle to dive in and do it. Check out our fences for sale online, choose one you like, and get this project off your plate!
  • You can enjoy your fence all summer – While fences provide privacy year round, it really only matters when you’re active in your yard—during the summer months. If you wait till late in the season, you will spend the whole summer looking at a wide open yard, but if you finish it early, those parties and barbeques we were talking about earlier can be held in your yard instead of someone else’s.

Image of the type of fences we have for sale.

  • It’s easier to add landscaping elements – Few people envision their fence as just a bare wall surrounding their yard. The best fence lines also have landscaping elements, like a row of flowers along the bottom, hanging baskets on the fence post, shade trees in one corner, or vines or roses climbing right up the fence itself. If you finish your fence installation before summer, you still have a growing season to start all these plants and see them begin to flourish. But if you wait, you will either see them struggle or, worse, have to put off the landscaping part until next year!
  • Working in the dog days of summer is no fun – No matter where you live, spring is cooler than summer and early summer is cooler than late summer. Pull up a weather website and check the average temperatures for May, then August. Enough said.
  • Those fence sales won’t come in time – A lot of homeowners put off the project because they’re waiting to see prices drop later in the season. It is true that home and garden centers will discount their fences for sale eventually… but not until it’s late fall or winter! Waiting for a September sale means waiting for a sale that will never come. On the other hand, our online rates are exceptional year-round, so there’s no need to wait!

What kind of fence do you want to build? Whatever you need, we have it here at Fence Center. Call us at 888-336-2358 to find out what fence is best for you!