Choosing Your Backyard Fence – Aluminum or Wrought Iron?

Are you trying to choose between a wrought iron and aluminum fence for the perimeter of your backyard? At Fence Center, we are going to make the decision easier for you by providing all the information you need on each material.

Choosing to put up a fence on your property not only makes the yard nicer to look at, it also adds value to your home. Fences have many practical uses, as well; they provide safety to children and pets, and allow you and your family to maintain privacy. So even though choosing a fence material may seem like a simple decision, it is still an important one. Now let’s take a closer look at each fence:

Aluminum Fences


Standard aluminum fences are typically made of 5/8 x 5/8 pickets (which are vertical) and 1 x 1 rails (which are horizontal). Each section weighs about 12 pounds and is 48″ high. With aluminum fencing, you never have to worry about peeling, rust, or chipping and you will never need to paint. Aluminum is much lighter than wrought iron and comes in a variety of styles. This fence is extremely stable and sturdy, but if for some reason it does break, it can be easily repaired. Aluminum fences are also super easy to install. You do not necessarily need a flat terrain to put up this type of fence; you can erect it on sloping ground. Deciding on an aluminum fence will save you more money and time overall.

Wrought Iron Fences

This type of fence is usually 48″ high and the vertical pickets are made of gauge square tubing and the horizontal rails are made of punched channel. The coating on the fence is black powder. Wrought iron fences will rust after time and require a bit more maintenance than aluminum. The material is extremely heavy and normally used for high security settings. You will also find wrought iron fencing in historic districts where they carry a nostalgic appeal. This type of fence needs to be installed on flat ground and doesn’t have much flexibility.

As you can probably see, an aluminum fence would probably be more suitable for your backyard than a wrought iron fence. While both can be used as a barrier or simply as decoration, aluminum would make for a far more functional backyard fence. An aluminum fence will give your yard the extra appeal and upgrade you have been looking for, so contact us at Fence Center today to discuss options and details!