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4 Popular Kinds of Fencing Material

Fall is here, and a lot of homeowners are taking time to do home repairs before the weather gets too cold. Most people believe that the majority of outdoor home work happens in the spring and summer, but homeowners that want to protect their property from harsh fall and winter weather will protect it now. Many people will focus on repairing their siding, cleaning their gutters, and even giving their lawn and gardens one more round of fertilizer before the weather gets too cold.

One other thing that you can do – if you really want to protect your home and improve your property – would be to get a new fence this fall. The right fencing can do wonders for your home, and the only problem is finding the right material for the project. There are a variety of materials you can use for your fence, but before you choose one you should learn about the most common types:



Do you love the look of wood fencing, but want something that will last a little longer and require less maintenance? If so, you should look into getting a vinyl fence. Vinyl is very affordable fencing material, and it often looks much more uniform than wooden fence posts. It is very easy to maintain, and you won’t be required to re-paint it or add any kind of sealant.


Chain Link

When most people picture a typical fence, they immediately imagine a chain link fence structure around property. Chain link is one of the most durable, affordable, and all-around practical fencing options for your yard. Not only does it come in different heights, there are even color coated options that can be chosen to complement your existing structure and desired color scheme. If you are concerned that chain link won’t offer enough privacy, there are slat inserts and even hedge link inserts that can be used to fill the spaces in your fence.


Not all metal fences are chain link. A metal fence can come in a variety of styles and patterns, some more utilitarian, others more decorative, and aluminum fencing is just one of these further options. Aluminum is a great choice for homeowners who want a bit more than just function from their fencing, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. The material is long-lasting, maintenance free, and comes in an assortment of colors, styles, sizes, and heights.


A further step up on the fencing chain, steel has most of the advantages of aluminum, with the additional benefit of being about four times as strong. Steel also has the classic appearance of wrought iron, but without the rust, maintenance, and lack of flexibility that come with it. In fact, steel is able to withstand dramatic landscape changes and many years of severe weather without bending or breaking.

Fall Home Improvement Project – Build A Fence!

A recent Zillow® survey shows that 52% of homeowners are planning home improvement projects this Fall. With the fall months approaching and the weather turning a little cooler, it’s the perfect time to get some home projects done before winter comes. In addition, many home improvement companies are looking to unload product to prepare for the new season, so it’s possible to get fantastic deals for your home improvement project.

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image of a fence and fall foliage
Looking to get the most bang for your time and money? One of the best ways to improve the security of your home and increase its value is through constructing a new fence. Constructing a fence is minimally invasive, can easily be done by you and a few friends, and won’t cost as much as other bigger projects. However, one of the things you’ll need to consider is what type of fence you want.

Here are some of the more popular fence materials you can choose from:

Vinyl Fencing

vinyl fence imageIf you’re looking for an alternative to wood fencing that will last much longer and not be subject to rotting and other concerns, vinyl fencing might be a viable option. Although it can be a little on the expensive side, a vinyl fence will last you a very long time, more than making up for the costs. In addition, vinyl provides excellent security and privacy if you’re leery of nosy neighbors.

Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fence imageAluminum fences are generally less expensive than vinyl and can add aesthetic value to your home as well. Homeowners often choose aluminum fences for their ornate designs and patterns. However, aluminum fences also provide great security as well. If you’re looking for a more ornamental face that still has pretty good durability, an aluminum fence might be best for your home.

Chain Link Fencing

image of black chain link fence gateA chain link fence is never going to win a beauty contest, but if you’re in need of a fence that will demarcate boundaries and provide security, you can’t go wrong with a chain link fence. If you’re hesitant to cover all of your boundaries with a chain link fence, a good idea might be to use steel or aluminum ornamental facing for the visible boundaries and chain-link for the less visible areas. Chain-link also is by far the cheapest material, which could be beneficial if you’re on a budget.

No matter what type of material you choose, you won’t find better prices than you will when you shop at Fence Center. Contact a representative today to learn more about the best option for your home.

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What Are Some Things to Know About Installing Your Own Fence?

Are you still on the fence about installing a fence? If so, you might want to consider all of the many benefits:

First and foremost, is for the protection of you and your family. Fences provide a barrier to retain privacy and prevent intruders from entering your home. It also prevents your children or pets from leaving the grounds.

Second, you’ll have natural property demarcation.

Third, they can help add value to your home.

Fourth, you’ll accent the landscape of your home.

Fifth, pool ownership makes having a fence around it necessary.

However, having a fence installed by professionals can be on the pricey side, so many Do-It-Yourselfers are bypassing this by installing the fence themselves. This is certainly something that is possible and much easier with a fence estimator. Here are some things you should know as you plan for the big project:

  • Get an idea of your budget: The first thing you’ll want to do is determine the budget for your fencing project. The type of material you want will have a varying effect on your total cost. Chain link fences are generally the cheapest by square foot, but you can find aluminum and bamboo prices that won’t break the bank either.
  • Know what you want out of your fence:  If you’re looking for a fence in order to maintain privacy, a chain link fence might not make as much sense as an aluminum fence. However, if you’re just looking for just property demarcation or a physical barrier to protect your children, it should work just fine.
  • Get the height and length: Get a hold of your land survey to determine the amount of footage you’ll need. If you don’t have a land survey, you’ll need to determine a rough estimate through measuring.  In regard to height, this will be determined by your personal preference as well as the zoning laws in your area.
  • Determine the number of terminal posts and gates: Once you have all of the measurements, the next numbers to consider is the number of terminal posts. A terminal post is needed every time a line of fence stops and starts. You’ll need three types of terminal posts total: a gate post, end post and corner post. In regard to the gate, you can either get a single swing gate or double swing gate.

By having all of these things in your head and on paper beforehand, you can easily have the groundwork for an affordable fencing project that will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of having a fence around your yard.

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Try our free Fence Estimator to determine how much fence you will need and the price of the fence.

What Are Some of the Best Things You Could Do For Your Home This Summer?

Now that the Fourth of July is over, the dog days of summer are here. How you go about spending these next two months could go a long way in determining how well your home will look this year and next. The weather and ample sunlight of summer lends itself to home projects of all kinds – big or small. The right project could add value to your home as well as reinvigorate its overall look.  Here are three ideas that come to mind, which will certainly fulfill these initiatives – all without leaving your home.

image of swimming pool with fence

Get a new fence: Do you need a fence or are looking to update the one that you already have that might be getting up there in age? If so, now is the time to take care of it. A fence certainly adds value to your home and can also be a viable way to pinpoint property demarcation and protect your children and pets from outside elements. And if you do go this route, we would recommend buying your fence online from us at Fence Center, as you can enjoy affordable prices and fencing materials from some of the most respected companies in the county.

Get ready for the winter: Unless you live in an area with a warmer climate, you’ll see very few people working on major construction projects during the winter. There’s a reason for this: what worker wants to do roof repair in freezing conditions? In addition, long-term workers can be more obtrusive to you and your family as you’ll more likely be at home in the wintertime than in the summer. If you have an older roof or want to get new windows put in, it’s a good idea to get that stuff done now.

Plan for a pool: If you’re experiencing some of the extreme temperatures many people across the country are experiencing right now, you might be tempted to look into purchasing a pool. If so, it could be a fantastic investment, but you probably won’t have it in time for this summer. Take the time now to plan for a pool and hire the right contractors to make sure the job is done right and under budget. You’ll thank yourself next summer if you do. And if you do need a pool now, make friends with your neighbors and a community pool is always an option.

What are some summer home improvement projects YOU will be working on?

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