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Deck Railings Add Safety and Elegance

Whether you’ve just purchased a new deck for your home, or moved into a house with a pre-existing structure, making sure that you have a proper railing system in place is essential. Not only do railings add a beautiful custom look to your deck, they also ensure the safety of everyone who will be enjoying your yard – especially children. There are many options for the type of material you can use on your railings, and this article from Fence Center is meant to offer some helpful pointers and safety regulations you should keep in mind during the construction or remodeling of your deck.

Choosing Railing MaterialsImage of deck railings

When it comes to customizing the type of materials you would like to use on your deck railings, there is a wide variety of aluminum, steel, and vinyl options on the market today. There are vinyl railings that are designed to offer the elegant look of wood, without the tedious upkeep that can come with yearly staining and sealing. These models are typically 100% vinyl and can often be combined with TiO2 UV inhibitors for a significant boost in both strength and durability.

As for steel and aluminum railings, they have that wrought iron “traditional” look that homeowners use to create a refined look for their property. These materials not only add support and stability to your deck structure, they can be made to be weather resistant as well.

Deck Safety First!

Aside from improving a deck’s appearance, railings also significantly boost the safety of the people who will be enjoying it. Guidelines suggest that the posts on your deck or balcony have gaps no wider than 3 or 4 inches, thus eliminating the possibility of a child getting him/herself stuck or squeezing completely through. Furthermore, guardrails also must be installed on any deck that is more than 30 inches above the ground. Additionally, handrails are recommended for areas that include stairs; the difference between guardrails and handrails is that the latter must be “graspable.” Stairs with four or more risers require a handrail on at least one side for support; this is especially helpful to the elderly, who may lack balance.

Lighting your Space

It is also important to remember proper lighting for your deck. The lights for both your deck’s stairways and landings should be controlled by either motion detection switches or an electrical switch located inside your house; this allows lights to come on automatically when anyone approaches your home, and also gives you the ability to light the area prior to stepping outside.

Decks are a beautiful addition to any home, and proper deck railings can successfully equip your structure with the safety features and stability it needs. Make sure to follow proper installation guidelines when it comes to constructing your railings, and choose the right material for the look you and your family prefer. Call or contact us at Fence Center today to find out which options are right for you!

Installing Porch Railings to Redesign Your Backyard

porch railings

Now that it is summer, it is the perfect time to take a look at ways to reimagine your backyard. Not only is a backyard redesign an investment that can add value to your home; it’s also an investment in your happiness. The backyard offers the perfect backdrop to get together with friends and family to share old memories and make new ones. So what are some of the best ways to facilitate this environment? Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Update your deck or patio: The patio is a place to sit down after a long day and admire the sights and sounds of summer. It’s also a place to eat outside and play cards with some friends. There are many ways to update your deck and patio. You can install new deck or porch railings to add security and aesthetic appeal to your home. You can purchase deck stain to offset the damage done during the winter and protect against ultraviolent rays. Also, consider adding some potted plants for added decoration.
  • Start a garden: If you’re feeling stressed out, why not try starting a garden? Gardening allows you to get some sun, which is a natural mood stabilizer, and also helps you to connect with nature as you take a step away from your mobile phone and email to get your hands dirty. In addition, if you plan on growing a vegetable garden, you’ll have fresh fruits and veggies for the summer. And don’t sweat it if you don’t have the soil for gardening. Container garden works well too.
  • Perform simple landscaping projects: You don’t need to be a master landscaper; there are simple projects out there that can really spruce up your home. These could include anything from installing pavers for a walkway to planting new shrubs or trimming old ones. You’d be surprised how much better your backyard will look after a few hours of landscaping.