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Is Your Property Secure?

homeAccording to the FBI, over 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States and victims suffer more than $4.6 billion dollars in lost property. Knowing such numbers can be shocking but have you taken the time to make sure your property is secure? With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may want to think twice about revamping the security measures around your home. Statistics show that thieves target homes more frequently during the holidays. That fact is a given because many consumers make extra gift purchases that vary from expensive jewelry to the latest electronic devices.

With that being said, you should start investigating ways to increase your home security. A simple and attractive form of security is installing a perimeter fence around your property. A fence can serve as the first line of defense against unwanted visitors. Of the many great qualities that fences can provide is the additional aesthetic appeal because they can heighten the overall appearance of your home. Depending on your specific tastes, there are numerous options when it comes to fencing material. Most consumers would use one of the following; steel, aluminum, vinyl or chain link fences.

Whichever fencing material you choose, you are increasing the safety of your homes’ occupants and protecting the valuables inside. It’s an industry standard for fence gates to feature locking mechanisms that further enhances the safety around your home. Fences are available in a variety of heights and can extend up to 8 feet tall, making it a challenge for any would-be thief. Not only will you be keeping burglars out, fences also deter rodents and other pesky wildlife that you don’t want around your yard.

Installing a security fence can reduce the risk of break-ins substantially and give you peace-of-mind. With the added potential of increasing your house value, fences give you a wide range of benefits. These include privacy, improved curb appeal and safety. Before you start your holiday shopping, consider installing a fence for additional home security!

4 Ways to Spruce up a Chain Link Fence

chainChain link fences make great additions to your home. They are cost efficient, safe, and allow you to have a sense of privacy and security around your property. These fences are especially beneficial for families with dogs and young children that may like to spend some time outdoors. However, they do have one minor disadvantage: they can be a little more challenging to decorate compared with picket fences or other wooden styles. Metal chain link fences cannot simply be painted over to match the color scheme of your home (though we do offer some color options to help you match!). That doesn’t mean they can’t be improved at all, though – it just calls for a little bit more creativity. Here are 3 ways to spruce up a chain link fence:

  1. Decorate it with plastic cups. It is easy to decorate your chain link fence with plastic cups; you can paint them and place them directly into the holes of your fence. Find an interesting pattern you’d like to recreate online or arrange them to make a certain slogan or phrase. This is an especially good way to celebrate birthdays, sporting events, milestones, and other fun get-togethers. Check out Pinterest for different ideas and patterns to use.
  2. Grow plants through the fence or lining it. Do you have a green thumb? If so, it’s time to combine your gardening and craft skills and apply them to your fence. Place some of your favorite plants along your fence and allow them to grow through it. As they begin to get tall, you can weave the vines right into your fence for a rustic look. This idea works especially well for vines like ivy or jasmine. Another option is to line the fence with decorative trees, shrubs, and flowers. Try planting Green Giant Thujas or Italian Cypresses and then placing a narrow bed of flowers in front of them.
  3. Weave it. Flowers and vines aren’t the only items you can weave your chain link fence with. If you’re not much of a gardener but enjoy the weaving idea, try using bamboo or even just colorful strips of paper through your fence. This is a great way to make your fence stand out a bit more and appear more attractive.The bamboo will help to create a cool earthy vibe for your fence, while colorful paper will create a more fun and bohemian feel. Try both to see which one you like better.
  4. Add Privacy Slats. Privacy slats can be woven into either the top or bottom of your chain link fence. Their primary purpose is to offer more privacy and security to your home, however, they offer many cosmetic benefits as well. For example, you can choose from a white, beige, blue, brown, green, black or redwood fence. You can also do a reed or bamboo fence to create a unique earthy or bohemian feel to for your yard. Fence inserts are also available. There is no shortage of creative options available through the use of our privacy slats.

Chain link fences don’t have to be boring. While they are mainly known for being functional and providing safety, security, and privacy to your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and have fun with them. These unique tips will allow you to indulge in your creative side and have a bit of fun with your fence. You can even change it up every few weeks or months. With the right designs, your fence will be the talk of the town!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Link Fence

If you’re considering installing a fence, whether it’s around your back yard, your business, as a boundary between rural lands or in a public area, you’re probably considering chain link. Chain link fences are among the most popular types and are chosen again and again for many different applications. But why are they so popular? Fence Center provides the following list of some of the major advantages and disadvantages of chain link, which you should consider before choosing your fence type.


  • Low cost – Out of all of the varieties of fencing available, chain link is among the most cost-effective to install, especially when its long lifespan is considered. Many homeowners, business owners and parks use chain link fencing as a cost saving measure.Image of chain link fence.
  • Durable – Chain link fencing is incredibly durable. Because the wind passes right through the open links, these fences are less susceptible to strong winds, storm damage, and snow damage. They are made of steel and incredibly strong. Properly installed, a chain link fence will last for decades.
  • Little maintenance required – Hand in hand with the durability, a properly installed chain link fence will not require significant maintenance. The main maintenance is trimming off plants that grow up along the fence links, if desired.
  • See-throughA huge advantage of a chain link fence is that it is effectively see-through. This has led to widespread use of chain link fence at high-security locations where guards or cameras need to be able to see people approaching on the far side of the fence line. No other fence type boasts this unique advantage. Similarly, chain link fence is preferred in schools and parks where parents and teachers can easily oversee children even through the fence line.
  • Does not block light – In less security-focused environments chain link’s transparency still carries an advantage: sunlight. If you have a garden or landscape elements, you may not want to block their light with an opaque fence. Chain link allows a solid fence line without creating shade.


  • Climbable – As most kids know, a chain link fence is climbable. Climbing is harder for adults (who have bigger feet) but still possible. In a security situation, this can be offset by adding barbed wire at the top, but this isn’t ideal for all applications.
  • Aesthetics – Although chain link fences have become a normal part of the urban environment, many people still prefer a “prettier” fence such as wood, white picket or a wrought iron fence.

Are you considering a chain link fence? What gave you the idea?

Check out our selection of chain link fencing, as well as our variety of other types, and see which one suits you the best. At Fence Center, we can help you find exactly what you need to protect your yard, property, or other space. Contact us today!

Don’t Think You Need a Fence? 5 Reasons you’re Probably Wrong

While backyard fences are nice to look at, is that enough to justify the time and cost of adding one to your home? Although some homeowners may like an open yard, there are many benefits to having a fence, which is why they practically sell themselves in today’s market.

However, if you’re on the fence about adding a fence to your backyard, here are five reasons why you should strongly consider it.

1. Those around can see everything you’re doing
One of the most common reasons that homeowners install a fence in their backyard is to get some privacy. If you have an open yard, it can be difficult to enjoy it when your neighbors and anyone who passes your home has a clear view. With a fence, you don’t have to worry about anyone staring awkwardly at you.

Avoid the spying neighbors!

But what if you already have a fence and are looking for added privacy? You should consider adding a privacy slate, which comes in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. For example, you can purchase chain link fence slats to create more seclusion — since you’ll never get it with a chain link fence normally.

2. There’s no boundary between your lawn and your neighbor’s
Another major reason to install a fence is to set your boundaries. With a fence, it becomes clear what belongs to who and where the property line is. This is important because it will help you both determine who is responsible for which trees and shrubs, and just how much grass you’re responsible for cutting. You can deal with your property and let your neighbor take care of theirs.

3. All of your belongings are unprotected
Remember, your yard is an extension of your home; it should be a safe place for you, your family and your belongings. Whether you use the backyard to work on projects, store items, or host summer parties, building a fence adds an extra layer of protection.

4. Your yard needs an attractive highlight
Aside from safety and security, a fence adds a decorative touch to your yard and defines your landscape theme. A durable and attractive fence can also add value to your property. Since a beautiful landscape needs to have just the right frame, you should carefully choose which fence design best complements your home.

5. You need to keep pets in and other animals out
If you have pets, a fence sets their boundaries and prevents them from getting loose. While you can keep them on a chain if you have an open yard, a fence grants them more freedom to walk around. Even if you don’t have a pet, a fence helps to keep other animals out (such as yard destroying deer).

A fence isn’t an overly complicated project, and it’s relatively easy to find one that is suitable as well as affordable. Of course, not all fences are equal. The material and style you choose will affect how well the structure performs. You should explore all of your options in-depth so that you can make an educated assessment and find the best fence for your yard.