Advantages & Disadvantages of Chain Link Fence

If you’re considering installing a fence, whether it’s around your back yard, your business, as a boundary between rural lands or in a public area, you’re probably considering chain link. Chain link fences are among the most popular types and are chosen again and again for many different applications. But why are they so popular? Fence Center provides the following list of some of the major advantages and disadvantages of chain link, which you should consider before choosing your fence type.


  • Low cost – Out of all of the varieties of fencing available, chain link is among the most cost-effective to install, especially when its long lifespan is considered. Many homeowners, business owners and parks use chain link fencing as a cost saving measure.Image of chain link fence.
  • Durable – Chain link fencing is incredibly durable. Because the wind passes right through the open links, these fences are less susceptible to strong winds, storm damage, and snow damage. They are made of steel and incredibly strong. Properly installed, a chain link fence will last for decades.
  • Little maintenance required – Hand in hand with the durability, a properly installed chain link fence will not require significant maintenance. The main maintenance is trimming off plants that grow up along the fence links, if desired.
  • See-throughA huge advantage of a chain link fence is that it is effectively see-through. This has led to widespread use of chain link fence at high-security locations where guards or cameras need to be able to see people approaching on the far side of the fence line. No other fence type boasts this unique advantage. Similarly, chain link fence is preferred in schools and parks where parents and teachers can easily oversee children even through the fence line.
  • Does not block light – In less security-focused environments chain link’s transparency still carries an advantage: sunlight. If you have a garden or landscape elements, you may not want to block their light with an opaque fence. Chain link allows a solid fence line without creating shade.


  • Climbable – As most kids know, a chain link fence is climbable. Climbing is harder for adults (who have bigger feet) but still possible. In a security situation, this can be offset by adding barbed wire at the top, but this isn’t ideal for all applications.
  • Aesthetics – Although chain link fences have become a normal part of the urban environment, many people still prefer a “prettier” fence such as wood, white picket or a wrought iron fence.

Are you considering a chain link fence? What gave you the idea?

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