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Why Your Next Fence Needs to Be Bamboo

bamboo fence After months of cold, spring is finally here. Spring is the perfect time to embark on home improvement and DIY projects. Most people will spend their time fretting over fertilizer brands and flowers to plant, but if they really want to do a solid DIY home improvement project, they would revamp their fence.

Fences aren’t just essential for dividing properties; they also add some serious value to your home. You may be imagining lacquered wood, plastic, or maybe even chain link right now, but if you want fencing material that is durable and will look beautiful for years to come, you should consider bamboo poles and fencing.

Bamboo isn’t just for tiki-bars, and is an especially appealing option for fencing. This is because . . .

Bamboo is a green fencing material

If you’re concerned about the environment, bamboo is your go-to for fencing. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, making it an incredibly renewable resource. It grows so fast that it can be harvested and turned into wood pulp and materials in only three years. Typical wood like cedar can take a whopping 30-50 years to be harvested again. Bamboo also doesn’t require a lot of water to grow, which means fewer associated resources wasted.

Bamboo is affordable

You know how we mentioned before that bamboo grows very fast? Since it thrives so well and in such abundance, bamboo one of the most affordable fencing materials available. Many other traditional fencing materials cost more due to their costly manufacturing and/or farming processes.

Bamboo is stronger than wood

Let’s clear up one big misconception about bamboo: it looks like wood, it feels like wood, but it actually isn’t wood. Bamboo is actually a very hardy kind of grass – so hardy, in fact, that it’s actually stronger than most kinds of wood. Bamboo has been used to build homes, bicycles, and other structures because of its strength. Bamboo also has the added benefit of being naturally termite proof. Termites are incapable of digesting the high amount of silica found in bamboo, so you won’t have to worry about them snacking on your new fence.

At Fence Center, we offer bamboo poles and rolls of fencing so that you can create a private, stylish yard. Take a look at these and our other fencing options and find the one that’s right for you!