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Outdoor and Indoor Winter Decorating Ideas

decorating-your-home-in-winterIf you like the colder weather or not, the cooler temps is here to stay…at least for a few months! With that being said, you should embrace the season and decorate your home to match the scenery and the approaching holiday. While you may be prepping for a holiday get together, you should add some festive decorations to your home before the big day arrives. From interior decorations to ones outside, check out these tips to make this years’ holiday and season one to remember.

Outdoor Winter Decorating Tips

First, let’s start with exterior decorations because it’s going to be the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home. Generally the winter is associated with snow, so it would make sense to place an inflatable snowman and igloo in your yard! Not only do they fit perfectly in with the season, but they add a fun vibe to your home.

Next, consider adding string lights to your vinyl fence and roof line. You can find a variety of colored lights or just use white for a crisper look. Also, some string lights now come with LED bulbs so they use a lot less energy than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, if you feeling the holiday spirit, hang some festive ornaments on the fence for that extra pop of color!

Indoor Winter Decorating Tips

After you have decorated the exterior of your home, it’s time to get the inside looking good. You may want to incorporate some natural elements in various places in your home like wreathes on doors, mini evergreens sitting on end tables and other winter essentials sprinkled throughout.

When it comes to your dining room table, make it as festive as possible with themed centerpieces, placemats and napkins. If you check out your local craft store, you will often find great knick-knacks and winter-themed items to use as table decorations. Once you’ve gotten the dining room complete, you can continue the holiday/winter theme throughout your home.

Bonus Tip: consider using the same styled dining room centerpieces on your coffee tables in the living room because it will make your home feel cozier. Additionally, you may want to strategically place candles around your home because they will create a relaxing ambiance and can even smell like pine trees and a wood burning stove. Since you have gotten the basics down for the decorations, all you have left to do is cook!

Do you go to extra lengths to decorate your home in the Winter? We’d love to hear from you!