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Don’t Think You Need a Fence? 5 Reasons you’re Probably Wrong

While backyard fences are nice to look at, is that enough to justify the time and cost of adding one to your home? Although some homeowners may like an open yard, there are many benefits to having a fence, which is why they practically sell themselves in today’s market.

However, if you’re on the fence about adding a fence to your backyard, here are five reasons why you should strongly consider it.

1. Those around can see everything you’re doing
One of the most common reasons that homeowners install a fence in their backyard is to get some privacy. If you have an open yard, it can be difficult to enjoy it when your neighbors and anyone who passes your home has a clear view. With a fence, you don’t have to worry about anyone staring awkwardly at you.

Avoid the spying neighbors!

But what if you already have a fence and are looking for added privacy? You should consider adding a privacy slate, which comes in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. For example, you can purchase chain link fence slats to create more seclusion — since you’ll never get it with a chain link fence normally.

2. There’s no boundary between your lawn and your neighbor’s
Another major reason to install a fence is to set your boundaries. With a fence, it becomes clear what belongs to who and where the property line is. This is important because it will help you both determine who is responsible for which trees and shrubs, and just how much grass you’re responsible for cutting. You can deal with your property and let your neighbor take care of theirs.

3. All of your belongings are unprotected
Remember, your yard is an extension of your home; it should be a safe place for you, your family and your belongings. Whether you use the backyard to work on projects, store items, or host summer parties, building a fence adds an extra layer of protection.

4. Your yard needs an attractive highlight
Aside from safety and security, a fence adds a decorative touch to your yard and defines your landscape theme. A durable and attractive fence can also add value to your property. Since a beautiful landscape needs to have just the right frame, you should carefully choose which fence design best complements your home.

5. You need to keep pets in and other animals out
If you have pets, a fence sets their boundaries and prevents them from getting loose. While you can keep them on a chain if you have an open yard, a fence grants them more freedom to walk around. Even if you don’t have a pet, a fence helps to keep other animals out (such as yard destroying deer).

A fence isn’t an overly complicated project, and it’s relatively easy to find one that is suitable as well as affordable. Of course, not all fences are equal. The material and style you choose will affect how well the structure performs. You should explore all of your options in-depth so that you can make an educated assessment and find the best fence for your yard.


Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer Soirees

While the cold winter months may still be upon us, before we know it the long-awaited summer season will be here. Backyard parties and gatherings are a staple of summer for many. It’s the opportune time for family and friends to get together, whether for a reunion, party, or simply just to hang out.

Although a backyard gathering is less formal than a party held indoors, you still want your home to be as accommodating as possible. To help you prepare, here are a few tips to get your yard ready for your next summer soiree.

Trim and prune your trees
Since your trees most likely haven’t been touched all winter, you should take the time to remove any dead branches and rubbing limbs, and get rid of any hazards. Also, be sure to trim the shrubs around the walkways so that your guests don’t feel like they’re walking through a jungle. This will not only liven up your yard, but will help your trees and shrubs to stay healthy.
Do some gardening
Brighten your backyard and make it feel more inviting with a beautiful backyard flower garden. Select a nice, visible area in which to plant the flowers, such as along a walkway or on the side of the patio. If you plan to have a larger garden, consider purchasing a combination of tall and short flowers for aesthetics. You may also want to keep the area protected and add some appeal with a small fence or a brick arrangement. You can also keep it simple by placing potted plants around the patio area and throughout your backyard.

Buy new patio furniture
Your backyard should be an outdoor oasis for relaxation and entertainment. Bring your home outdoors by creating a living room on your patio. Add a table with an umbrella and chairs with comfortable cushions. Arrange seating as you would in a family room to encourage gathering for good conversation. Don’t be afraid to use color to get your design to pop.

Add a new fence
One of the most common reasons to fence a backyard is to create privacy. A fence also adds aesthetics and keeps your pets secure. Whether your backyard doesn’t have a fence or you are looking to replace your current one, shop for cheap and elegant fencing to separate your outdoor space. There is an array of materials to choose from, such as wood, vinyl and metal, so opt for the one that makes the most sense for your wallet, longevity, and your personal sense of style.

Liven up your pool area with multi-colored stones
From a distance, your pool area may look fine, but close up, it’s probably a mess. The grass has probably deteriorated from the winter weather and the ground looks dry. Give the area style by adding a bed around the pool with multi-colored stones. The bed is easy to maintain and provides years of landscaping beauty.