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Why 2014 Is the Year of Home Improvement

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As we say goodbye to 2013, there will invariably be an endless number of lists and trends articles that aim to predict what the New Year will be like. Well here is one more, but we promise there is some merit to this one as it deals with how you can add value to your home.  For many of us, the Great Recession a few years back destroyed the value of our homes.  Home repair projects to add value were obsolete as there wasn’t much of a market for sellers to begin with. Luckily, home values are rising – double digit percentages in many markets, and those home improvement projects are much more worthwhile today.

But where is this money being spent? Surprisingly, it’s not where you would think. Rather than spending a small fortune for an addition to a house or a complete bathroom/kitchen remodel, homeowners are turning their heads outdoors. Creating a nice outdoor living space will provide years of enjoyment or the perfect invitation for potential buyers to make an offer on your home. Here are some things you should consider including:

Get a new fence:  A fence is multi-functional structure that should be a part of any outdoor living space. A fence creates boundary lines, enables privacy from onlookers and provides security. It could also be an aesthetic addition to your backyard if you purchase a good one. What’s more, installing a fence has never been easier. If you are looking for a quick way to add value to your home and provide the foundation for a quality outdoor living space, a fence is an easy way to go about it.

Add elements that increase socializing: A number of money spent this year on home improvement will be devoted to space that can be shared for parties and get-togethers of any size.  Some of the more common things could include an outdoor grilling station, fire pit, newly paved patio or just an investment in quality outdoor furniture. On top of the social benefits, these elements can make your home stand out in the marketplace.

Invest in Landscaping Efforts: Although not anyone will admit it, many of us do judge a book by its cover.  Therefore, quality landscaping in place will go a long way in getting potential buyers to have a favorable outlook of your home before they even step inside.  Unless you have a green thumb, opt for professional services. You’ll be amazed by the ROI you’ll get.

If you’re looking for inexpensive fencing materials for the New Year, be sure to visit the Fence Center website. In addition to our already low prices, we have extended our clearance sale into January. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Is the Perfect Fence Material for the Winter?


Unless you live in Florida or the Southeastern part of the United States, you probably have experienced the effects of winter this year. It didn’t take too long, for example, for the first blizzard to hit the Midwest and Northeast as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago all experienced pretty heavy snowfalls right after New Year’s. As you probably know firsthand, snow, although very pretty, can have some damaging effects on your home – especially your fence.

We’re here to tell you that if you have a wooden fence, it’s time to upgrade to a PVC vinyl fence. If you have been hit hard by winter or are looking for a low-maintenance fence, PVC vinyl fence materials are the perfect type of fence materials to protect your investment and your sanity. Here are several reasons why you should PVC this winter:

  • On the first warm weather day after winter, you’ll invariably see a number of your neighbors out there staining and painting their wooden fences. The moisture from the snow and sleet chip away at fence paint and create the need for frequent maintenance. Vinyl fences do not need such attention – in fact, they don’t need much attention at all, so you can devote your time to enjoying the weather.
  • Vinyl fences can resemble wooden fences but without the splinters. In addition to chipped paint, wooden fences also get beaten down by the snow, sleet, rock salt and high winds that accompany wind. This can ultimately result in splinters and broken fences. This could be especially dangerous if you have younger children or pets. If you love the look of wooden fences, but you need something more durable, a PVC vinyl fence is the way to go.
  • They’re also very comparable in price. Although you would think that it would cost a lot more money to have a PVC vinyl fence, given its durability and cleanliness, this isn’t the case at all. And given the fact that you’re going to need to spend more money on repairs and replacement, a PVC vinyl fence is far more durable in the long run.

For these reasons and more, more people are choosing to outfit their home with vinyl fences. And don’t forget to decorate your fence with cold weather outdoor plants. Some of our favorites include climbing roses and Boston Ivy. For more information on our selection of affordable PVC vinyl fences, please contact us today.

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