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Installing Porch Railings to Redesign Your Backyard

porch railings

Now that it is summer, it is the perfect time to take a look at ways to reimagine your backyard. Not only is a backyard redesign an investment that can add value to your home; it’s also an investment in your happiness. The backyard offers the perfect backdrop to get together with friends and family to share old memories and make new ones. So what are some of the best ways to facilitate this environment? Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Update your deck or patio: The patio is a place to sit down after a long day and admire the sights and sounds of summer. It’s also a place to eat outside and play cards with some friends. There are many ways to update your deck and patio. You can install new deck or porch railings to add security and aesthetic appeal to your home. You can purchase deck stain to offset the damage done during the winter and protect against ultraviolent rays. Also, consider adding some potted plants for added decoration.
  • Start a garden: If you’re feeling stressed out, why not try starting a garden? Gardening allows you to get some sun, which is a natural mood stabilizer, and also helps you to connect with nature as you take a step away from your mobile phone and email to get your hands dirty. In addition, if you plan on growing a vegetable garden, you’ll have fresh fruits and veggies for the summer. And don’t sweat it if you don’t have the soil for gardening. Container garden works well too.
  • Perform simple landscaping projects: You don’t need to be a master landscaper; there are simple projects out there that can really spruce up your home. These could include anything from installing pavers for a walkway to planting new shrubs or trimming old ones. You’d be surprised how much better your backyard will look after a few hours of landscaping.

Four Things to Consider Before You Put in that Pool

Now that Memorial Days has passed us, we are now in the beginning of
summer. And it didn’t take long for summer weather to come in full stride. The
following days after Memorial Day saw temperatures in the low nineties for most
of the Mid-Atlantic, which is well above the average high for the month of May.
If you have experienced this weather and are looking for ways to cool off, a
pool for your home might sound like a great idea. However, before you break
ground or pick out a new swimsuit, there are some things you must consider.
Here are four of the more pertinent ones:
  • What
    is your budget?
    There are many different kinds of pools out there and a wide variety of prices
    that coincide with every budget. The four main types of
    are gunite, fiberglass, vinyl and above-ground. While a gunite pool can
    cost as much as $40,000 in the end, you should be able to get an above-ground
    for under a $1,000. However, a gunite pool or fiberglass pool is a far better
    investment than an above-ground pool if you’re concerned about home value.
  • Don’t
    forget about the accessories:
    When considering budget, don’t forget about the
    accessories and costs that are inherent in owning a pool. These include the
    chemicals needed to clean your pool, any filter replacement parts or repairs,
    slides or diving board, cleaning tools, safety equipment and toys.
  • Your
    insurance and energy bills might go up too:
    Remember that a pool can be a hazard if not
    managed correctly. Because of this, you should expect to see your home
    insurance premiums go up, depending on your individual insurer. In addition,
    you might see your energy costs rise due to the filter, heater and any other
    energy use in a pool’s upkeep.
  • What
    about safety?
    In addition to safety accessories like flotation devices, you might want
    to consider purchasing swimming lessons for your children. And purchasing a fence is essential to keeping your unsupervised younger
    children away from the pool when you’re not there to watch them. It also
    prevents other children or animals from entering your pool, which could prove
    to be costly if you don’t have a fence and they fall in.
However, given these concerns, owning a pool is a great investment for
many families as they provide years of memories and instant heat-relief. If
you’re thinking about purchasing a pool, consider these and other things to
make sure purchasing a pool is a viable option.