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What type of fence to choose if you have children.

There’s no question that if you have young children, you should have a fence around your property. The fence will prevent your children from leaving the yard or your line of sight and stop unwanted visitors or strangers from entering your yard. However, the next question you might have after you decide that you want to construct a fence in your yard is which type of fence would be best for your needs? While any fence can be a great addition to your home, each offers different advantages.

Chain Link FenceA chain link fence is one of the most affordable options you can choose. It’s also very easy to install and will keep your children protected.  However, if you do purchase a chain link fence, you must be aware that chain link fences are very easy to climb. Therefore, you’ll need to explain to your children why they shouldn’t or keep a close eye on them when they’re outside.

Wood Fence: A wood fence is another option that might work. They certainly provide more privacy than other fences because they completely block the view of your yard. They’re generally safe, but you’ll need to be mindful of splinters that could result from contact with the fence. They will also require more maintenance than other fences you’ll find at Fence Center.

Vinyl FenceVinyl fences have gotten more popular in recent years because of their durability. Wood fences are more likely to break than vinyl fences, and vinyl fences can withstand heavy activity, such as serving as a soccer goal for backyard play.
The type of fence you purchase will depend on the ages of your children, your budget and the specific characteristics of your backyard. Whatever the case, you can find the perfect fence for your home and family at Fence Center. In addition to chain link and vinyl fences, we offer many different aluminum and bamboo fences as well. Contact a representative today to learn more.

Are You on the Fence about Purchasing a Fence for Your Home?

If you’re looking for a rather inexpensive way to add value to your home, you should take a look out the window. Chances are at least one of your neighbors has some sort of a fence – whether it is a simple chain link fence or durable vinyl one. A fence provides many benefits to the homeowner, and here are several of the more major ones if you still need persuasion.

 Protection: This is the most important deciding factor; if you have children or pets, you need to have a fence around your yard to make sure they stay within the property. They also discourage unwanted visitors or stray dogs from entering your yard.

 Boundary Demarcation: Hopefully, you won’t have this problem, but a fence can establish boundaries just in case, for example, if you have an overzealous landscaping neighbor who grows a tree that extends onto your property.

 Privacy: If your neighbors have watched Rear Window a few too many times or are just a little bit too nosey for your liking, a privacy fence can allow you to maintain your privacy.

 Decoration: Besides the practical uses of a fence, like the ones described above and others, fences can also be constructed for aesthetic reasons. A beautiful white vinyl or aluminum fence can complete your overall landscape design.

 Not convinced yet? Contact a representative today to learn more about why purchasing a fence for your home is such a smart move. They provide value, privacy and decoration.